Modern MMA is mostly made up of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Repeatedly, these two martial arts proved themselves as the most practical combination in various fighting competitions. However, what is also shown is that influences from other styles give fighters an advantage, as the approach of the unusual style is unexpected. Peacemaker Academy includes Capoeira in its mix for several reasons:
  • Capoeira teaches an awareness of human body movement that is unequalled in any other martial art. Embedded in its dancing style ar secrets of momentum, unpredictability, rhythm, and body awareness.
  • Capoeira teaches dodges and escapes that are practical in many situations including an unarmed person being attacked with hand weapons.
  • Capoeira builds fitness in its practitioners like no other style. It allows students to train hard in a safe and playful way.
  • Capoeira promotes inclusion and camaraderie.
  • Finally, capoeira is fun and beautiful. If you look at many modern martial arts movies and music videos, you will see capoeira moves everywhere.
We think you will appreciate Capoeira’s wisdom and teachings about the potential of the human body.