The Jedi are one of the most famous versions of the Peaceful Warrior. Other examples of Peaceful Warriors can be found in every culture and and in movies and books throughout history and around the world. Obviously, lightsabers have not been invented yet (that we know of) and force powers are currently in the realm of the imagination. However, there are aspects of Jedi Schools and other Peaceful Warrior schools which are universal. At Peacemaker Academy, we bring these universal principles to reality.

  • An emphasis on reducing conflict instead of causing it. Peacemaker Academy teaches de-escalation, whether through conflict resolution (mediation techniques) or mastery of martial art techniques that minimize injury.
  • An emphasis on the personal development of the students: The difference between a soldier and a Peaceful Warrior is that a Peaceful Warrior decades their own path, and follows orders only when the orders are aligned with the Warrior’s values and cause. For this reason, warriors must have a highly developed ethical awareness. Peacemaker Academy recognizes that in reality, martial arts are rarely useful, but the discipline, awareness, preparation, fitness, and camaraderie you also learn in class are practical every day.
  • An emphasis on mindfulness: Peacemaker Academy uses meditation to help students enter a state of relaxed readiness, an alert peaceful state know as Alpha State, and accompanied by Alpha type Brainwaves. People who enter this state are able to accomplish more and handle difficult situations more easily than those who do not know how to enter this state.
  • Serious Martial Art training: Certainly, a school that produces the best warriorship would need to begin with the best techniques. For this reason, Peacemaker Academy draws from the best styles and bring together a teaching that is powerful, time-tested, and adaptive. No dogma is allowed, only what works.

Just like Peacemaker Academy does, a real Jedi School would bring the best teachings together to bring out the best in you.
We hope you will join us.