“With great power comes great responsibility” Ben Parker

There was a time when most martial art traditions included at least a theme around values and ethics. Rarely was the value system deeply embedded in the teachings, but usually, at least there was a list of values on the way and a lecture at graduations and ceremonies.

Great teachers have always sought to make their students better people through example, teaching, and advising their students. Unfortunately, this style of teaching is rapidly disappearing. When you go to an MMA school, you come in, learn how to fight, and leave. There is not even a mention of values or ethics.

But it is worse than that. There are many people in the upper levels of famous schools like Gracie Jiu Jitsu who are convicted of rape and assault, and do not appear to be training for self defense. What kind of world does this promote?

At Peacemaker Academy, the values are embedded in the teaching system and spoken about in every class during in-class discussions. We do not tolerate aggression and violence above what is needed to protect the safety of one’s self or others.

For example, at Peacemaker Academy we train in various levels of defense. First is talking. Avoiding a fight is usually the best way to avoid increasing anger and violence. Conflict Resolution techniques are one of the pillars of the Peacemaker Way, and all our students learn it. However, avoiding a fight is best when you speak from a position of confidence. And so, we train other techniques as well.

The next level of defense is containment. If there is only one attacker, and they cannot be reasoned with, a skilled peacemaker will find a way to stop the attacker without harming them. Judo and Jujitsu techniques are often best for this. Peacemaker Academy students learn to ease the attacker to the ground and hold them there safely so they can’t harm themselves or others, and talk them down.

If you suspect that an attacker will have an advantage on the ground, or if there are more than one attacker, you must have other skills to stop or reduce the aggression or avoid harm. With striking, there is less control and more risk for unintentional injury. However, by understanding the body and various fighting styles, we emphasize demoralizing and decisive action that give an advantage or allow escape.

Students must also understand that there are things that must be done, and must ONLY be done, in life or death situations. These techniques could create lifelong enemies, so they must be avoided if at all possible and are not routinely practiced in Peacemaker Academy Classes.

Thankfully, in everyday life for most, it is not very common for you to need the martial arts techniques you learn. However, because of the aura of confidence, and awareness of situations the training creates, having good training makes it even less likely to need martial arts skills than if you did not have the training.

The real benefit of Peacemaker Academy training is to help you become a better person. Through a style that emphasizes using the least force necessary to ensure the most positive outcome, Peacemaker Academy teaches discipline, awareness, critical thinking, preparation, confidence, fitness, and camaraderie. Peacemaker Academy uses every opportunity to make the inner purpose of training clear to all those who join us, and provide insight and wisdom for your daily life. We hope you will join.