Every school has its own idea of what the purpose of training is. Some believe it is the passing on of a tradition. Some say it is winning competitions. Some say it is just getting in shape and having fun.

For Peacemaker Academy, the real purpose is to provide a learning environment that improves the lives of its students, fosters peace in individuals and peace, and makes the world a better place. It does this through state of the art martial art training, conflict resolution training, and meditation.

At Peacemaker Academy, we recognize that, unless you are a professional fighter, it is not very common for you to need the martial arts techniques you learn. However, because of the aura of confidence, and awareness of situations the training creates, having good training makes it even less likely to need martial arts skills than if you did not have the training. Learning martial arts brings a sense of peace and ease around people, especially if you have ever been bullied, intimidated, or abused. Our secret mission is to bring power to the peaceful and peacefulness to the powerful. And, of course, to have fun and get fit while doing it.