Peacemaker Academy offers a unique curriculum that provides a deep and lasting positive effect on the lives of children who participate.

  • Meditation improves focus, memory, and attention. It teaches children to observe their inner states and give thoughts and feelings room to unfold and resolve peacefully. Meditation helps children handle their own emotions and the emotions of others. It reduces anxiety and depression. It provides children with a tool for handling stressful life situations.
  • Mixed Martial Arts teaches children to control their bodies, apply discipline, think tactically, and feel safer around others. It promotes fitness and reduces stress.
  • Conflict Resolution teaches children that we all have the same needs and feelings, and reinforces the value of resolving conflicts by finding ways to meet the needs of self and others.

The Peacemaker Academy provides an environment where children can try hard, gain skills and confidence, and belong. The benefit of even the most gentle sparring is that paying attention is rewarded, and this carries over into activities outside school. They learn respect for the contributions others make on their behalf and the wisdom they receive. They will feel like they are part of something big, fun, and exciting. With our Spontaneous Traditions, students feel connected through simple but warm ceremonies like the Welcome Initiation and Graduations that honor the individual’s spirit, efforts, accomplishments, and contribution.